An efficient way to reinvent your wardrobe and update your style. Mrs Stylist will come to your home and assess your wardrobe. She uses her styling knowledge to advise you on clothes according to your body shape and lifestyle. She’ll suggest items that could be discarded, those clothes that haven’t been worn in years or don’t suit your body shape. This helps to de-clutter. With a slimed down wardrobe Mrs Stylist can show you how to put outfits together with clothes you currently own and suggest some seasonal updaters or wardrobe essentials, key accessories which will tie everything nicely together thus creating a capsule wardrobe. Mrs Stylist will provide you with a reference of the outfits put together so it is easy to replicate what has been styled during the session.

With the gaps identified in your wardrobe you could take advantage of the Personal Shopping service (see below) – Combining the Wardrobe Detox with a shopping session is a great way of breathing new life into your wardrobe and really getting to grips with your style. Of course you can do one or the other.

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Denim Shorts – How I’ll Be Wearing Them This Summer

There’s nothing new about distressed denim shorts for the summer. Year on year they come back on trend. What I find a little unnerving as a mother of  11 and 9 year old girls is that on a recent shopping trip, we all wanted the same (or almost the same) pair of denim shorts to […]

My Summer Holiday ‘Wish List’…

Signs of Spring are everywhere right now, gorgeous pops of yellow daffodils lining the parks and stunning pink magnolia trees are in full bloom. Whilst outside today, I felt too warm in by new embroidered jacket, the sun was beating down on my back , glorious. But for me, a sure sign that Spring is […]

The Perfect School Run Coat

There’s something about a ‘good coat’. It’s the type of coat you can throw on and immediately feel fabulous. It’s the type of coat you can fling over your active wear and doesn’t look incongruous. It looks stylish with a pair of boyfriend fit jeans and high heels or maxi skirt and brogues. But most […]

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