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Please take a look at what services are on offer. Don’t hesitate to call Mrs Stylist on 07802 849 318 and she can talk through each service in more depth.

Wardrobe Detox & Styling Session wardrobe_detox

An efficient way to reinvent your wardrobe and update your style. Mrs Stylist will come to your home and assess your wardrobe. She uses her styling knowledge to advise you on clothes according to your body shape and lifestyle. She’ll suggest items that could be discarded, those clothes that haven’t been worn in years or don’t suit your body shape. This helps to de-clutter. With a slimed down wardrobe Mrs Stylist can show you how to put outfits together with clothes you currently own and suggest some seasonal updaters or wardrobe essentials, key accessories which will tie everything nicely together thus creating a capsule wardrobe. Mrs Stylist will provide you with a reference of the outfits put together so it is easy to replicate what has been styled during the session.

With the gaps identified in your wardrobe you could take advantage of the Personal Shopping service (see below) – Combining the Wardrobe Detox with a shopping session is a great way of breathing new life into your wardrobe and really getting to grips with your style. Of course you can do one or the other.

Personal Shopping personalshop

Whether you are looking for seasonal updaters, classic pieces to tie your wardrobe together, an outfit for a special occasion, work wear or accessories, Mrs Stylist can help.

A Personal Shopping session with Mrs Stylist really takes the stress out of pacing up and down the high street, especially if you are time poor or simply don’t like shopping. There’s an initial phone consultation to reveal more about your personality, lifestyle and requirements. Understanding more about you and the styles you like means that time is saved on the day of your session and items which suit your taste can successfully be identified. Having generated a shopping list with you, Mrs Stylist will have pre-selected the bulk of clothes prior to start of your shop. Those pieces chosen are done so according to your body shape, lifestyle requirements and budget. This makes for an efficient, enjoyable and time saving shop. Mrs Stylist can introduce you to brands you may not be aware of and show you new looks and how to accessorize pulling a complete outfit together. The whole process could save you money too in the long run, because it’s focused – there’s no random impulse buys. She’ll make sure items bought work well together, not just one off pieces. The end result – some fabulous outfits and a wardrobe which flows.

Speed Styling speedstyling

Speed Styling with Mrs Stylist takes many forms. It’s a quick session, perhaps an hour. Maybe it’s a case of ‘so many clothes and nothing to wear’! She can come to you and sort your wardrobe dilemma. Perhaps it’s a special event and you’re struggling to put an outfit together from your current wardrobe despite having plenty to choose from. You may be going on holiday and need an hour of Mrs Stylist’s time to help pack efficiently so that everything you take will work well together and flow, no need to over pack! Maybe you need a few suggestions of pieces that would update last year’s holiday looks? Following a speed styling session she’ll email across her ideas. In your own time you can purchase the looks. Maybe you are pregnant, want to accessorize your maternity wear in a more current way for a special occasion, or you have an interview and want to sharpen up your look. The list is endless. These sessions are focused, efficient and time saving.

Styling Parties stylingparty

This is such a fun way to entertain a group of friends! Indulge yourself in your love of clothes & looking stylish by allowing Mrs Stylist to come to your party. Whether it’s a coffee morning for a group of school mums or a drinks party with great friends. The parties are tailored to your requirements. Whether you want a trends presentation of some of the latest looks for the season and how to wear them according to your body shape or top tips on looking chic in the workplace or a special event. Mrs Stylist will bring a rail of clothes and show you how to put outfits together and accessorise them. These are fun and interactive parties.

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